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lucky 21 v. clearance

I recall the first time I was able to afford my first pair of designer shoes, Manolo Blaniks....I was in the know of a very secret sale. My best friend worked at the ultimate high fashion store in Chicago, Ultimo. This sale was on a whim and by invitation only. You have to realize this was pre cell phone, internet, pager, and once you got the you went. Oh, it was cash only.

My first "jobber" at Ultimo, I purchased a pair of Manolo Blaniks and two Armani silk scarves. All items I still wear today. I will never part with these items nor can I believe I still get complements on them.

My point is this... all my items are thoughtfully collected and designed. My collection contains items I would want to own myself, thus they are not trendy. I have my favorite places where I go to get trendy pieces. 

And that is why, I want you to be lucky too.


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