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Upcycled Jewelry Can Be Fashionably Fun

My sense of style developed at an early age. It was out of necessity. My mom dressed me very preppy — boys polos, penny loafers, navy blazer etc. She felt it was a cleaner look than the girl’s clothing options at the time. Yes, I had dresses and they were very conservative.

High School, like most teen girls, began my style revolution. Madonna was my Northstar and MTV allowed me gain insight into popculture. It was the 80s. I started mixing my grandmother’s vintage jewelry/clothes with my pricy Guess Jeans. Or, my travels to NYC allowed me to find unusual finds on Canal St. on actually on the streets. Anything not to wear what my mom thought I should be wearing — Polo.

Fast forward to today, I continue to have my own style. Plus, I am living my dream. I am making and selling jewelry. The jewelry I design is from found vintage objects, thus all my pieces are one of a kind.

One might say, you cannot make money with this business model. However, I say, there are plenty of people like me who want unique jewelry. Just like people who collect art…they want the original and then, when you get big enough you can sell posters. The art analogy is my plan. At this point in time, is not famous yet.

Moreover, I enjoy the hunt to find unique, fashionable or fun pieces. The image above demonstrates this point. It is a ring of a 1960s glass pin. In today’s world, rings are more popular than pins. So, I created a ring with a new adjustable backing on the pin.

The new ring is very apropos given today’s date of 4.20.2017. As well as the new acceptance of marijuana for medicinal and recreational usages in America.

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