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What is Upcycled Jewelry?

Upcycle is a popular term. It is a very green term. It is taking old, unused items and giving them new life. Al the jewelry I design is upcycled. I find it a challenge. Also, I think vintage items still have life in them. 

For example, I have found old unwanted bingo wood balls. I thought they could have a new life. It makes a great necklace. They are on a nylon colorful string for some color. Plus, I feel it is important to have flexibility with the length of a longer necklace.

It is especially key, since all women are different sizes. Some women have an ample chests while others do not. Thus, the necklace will sit at different spots on the body. Also, if you are wearing a jacket the necklace will lay in an unusual way.

Lastly, I find vintage jewelry, especially, has more integrity. The quality and design are more detailed. The materials are more durable and pure.


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