TRACYBURTON "tastefully eclectic"
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TRACYBURTON is a labor of love.

My roots are in the fashion retail business. I worked as a tween at my family's showroom selling fashion accessories and jewelry. It was at the apparel center in Chicago, I was offered my first retail job. Also, at this time during high school I starting making jewelry...

Syracuse University provided the foundation for my design, art + fashion history, and being comfortable taking risks with my work. The semester I spent abroad in Italy revealed the allure of everything Italian.

It was the 90's and I could not have had a better education in business. The majority of my 10+ years with the GAP, I worked in high volume stores. As a store manager of the third largest store in the company, I worked with an amazing team of individuals to generate crazy amounts of sales, clothe tv + film casts and style local tv shows i.e.Oprah.

Retail lead to producing and selling events for corporate clients. Sean "Diddy" Combs to Madonna's entire tour crew, dancers and all, I hosted....

2008 and the economy turns...I, like many, lose their livelihood. What to do? Lots of soul searching and then....I decided to follow my heart of starting my own business online. To many it sounds foolish, yet it made perfect sense to me.

Today, I am grateful for all to have made my dream evolve into a reality. It is still a work in progress and I enjoy each new opportunity TRACYBURTON brings me. 




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