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truth or wear

Modern vintage necklaces, bracelets, handbags, earrings and more are my collection I have assembled for you.....all items are stylish and charming. The assortment contains pieces of high quality or items I would own myself.

My aim is to create a destination for outstanding jewelry and accessories. Vintage items have a past and they have with stood the test of time, unlike the newness of items today. I want you to feel good about your purchase. You are buying a bit of the past to celebrate the future.

The name of my shop is derived from my love of Madonna. MTV is to blame for the introduction and the adoration for the singer. My attire was influenced by her and got sent home from school on several occasions. So, fast forward to today and I show my continued fandom with honoring Madonna's documentary "Truth or Dare" with my shop called truth or wear.

Please savor the array of vintage items I have assembled for you. Enjoy!